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29 Jul Beware of Craig Feigin

A new website popped up in my notifications. I am thinking, 'what the hell is this?' It turns out, it is a website that reveals everything about me, Craig Matthew Feigin. At first, I was shocked. But I ended up buying it because it was about me. Yes- the website sold information. So I figured, let's buy it. Well, it was pure genius. You can always take a look here:  ...

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21 Sep Some Links shared and related to Craig Feigin ...

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31 Aug Flip for quick turn or pass income Craig Feigin explains.

“The type of real estate investment that appeals to you,” expert advisor Craig Feigin tells us, “depends on the type of person you are.” Fortunately, real estate is a broad investment field with a wealth of opportunities for every personality type. Let’s look at a pair of opposite types, active / passive and quick turn / long haul. The active type wants to be very hands-on with his investments, and feels good when he is putting plenty of energy and even “sweat equity” into them. Many types of investments don’t allow for that kind of get-up-and-go. You can buy and sell stocks, but what else can you do with them? Not much. But many starter-investors have bought a small rental property, maybe just two or four units, that needed work, and turned that into a profit generator but acting as owner-manager-restorer-maintenance guy-you name it. This becomes a kind of (very serious) hobby, and you get out...

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