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29 Jul Beware of Craig Feigin

A new website popped up in my notifications. I am thinking, 'what the hell is this?' It turns out, it is a website that reveals everything about me, Craig Matthew Feigin. At first, I was shocked. But I ended up buying it because it was about me. Yes- the website sold information. So I figured, let's buy it. Well, it was pure genius. You can always take a look here:  ...

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Craig Feigin

21 Nov Craig Feigin business strategies to negotiate from strength.

In the business world, sometimes you are playing a game of chess. Not just against one opponent but multiple  games against many opponents.  In many situations, the strategy is about advancing your position with a series of smaller moves. "If there is a major company that is taking advantage of an individual", says Craig Feigin, "you must document the entire business relationship." Create Documentation For example, if there is a discrepancy with your Comcast service, like they are charging you too much monthly for cable. You need to document every phone call. Keep a phone log and write down a summary for every call.  In the end, if you ever decide to report, sue, or confront Comcast, using documentation like your call log/ call history can be a very useful tool. Make a brief summary After you developed a wealth of documentation, write a summary of what your problem is.  You can include all...

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