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Craig Feigin | School bus with 35 kids hits truck
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24 Aug School bus with 35 kids hits truck

School Bus Accidents, West Bengal INDIA = Nowadays there are many schools
in the town and every schools has his own rules and regulation and their
bus service. These days the school bus drivers are the one who have to make
the students which are travelling from their bus in safety as they should
take care of them too and drive safely but nowadays there are many
accidents are happening with the school bus and after that when the
investigation met then the results are that the school bus driver is in the
consumption of alcohol but the school authority is not commenting on that
because of their school reputation.
These should be stop and this type of drivers should not be in their jobs
and the licence of them should be dismissed for lifetime. One day ago there
was an accident with the school bus and the the truck, about 6(six)
students is injured with that accident and many of them are safe but we are
talking about why this type of accidents are happening. After all the
student are rescued from the bus and the drivers are too sent to the
hospitals legal authorities came and doesn’t take any type of action their
this should be stop and the legal authorities should take actions against
the driver. After the medical examination doctor said that the driver is in
the consumption of the alcohol that’s why he lost the attention of the road
and hit the truck.
The student who just got some injuries the truck was standing there and
the bus hit that in the maximum speed. Student sad that they didn’t get
that much injuries as because of they were sitting at the back but the
front sitters get. As per source “Fifteen students had been brought to the
hospital this morning with injuries. While nine with minor injuries have
been released after first-aid treatment, we have currently kept six under
observation,” said Asit Biswas, the chief medical officer of health of the
district. Many of the guardian complains about the road condition “The road
that leads to the school is very bad and our children commute through this
road to school daily. In addition to the bad road condition is the rash
driving of different vehicles. There are many more issue about the road
accident as there are only young drivers who runs the bus with the student
from their home to school and that is also a big issue as the drivers are
young they drive that bus roughly and rash driving occurs and that are
risky for the student to sit on that. Government should take legal action
against the drivers whose bus get trashed with the students, licence should
be dismissed of them for lifetime who consumes alcohol while driving and
get trashed. I am talking about the safety of the students and the parents
who sent them to school by the bus.
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