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Craig Feigin’s blog about business, world, advertising, investing.

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Craig Feigin
21 Nov
Craig Feigin business strategies to negotiate from strength.

In the business world, sometimes you are playing a game of chess. Not just against one opponent but multiple  games against many opponents.  In many situations, the strategy is about advancing your position with a series of smaller moves. "If there is a major company that is taking advantage of an individual", says Craig Feigin, "you must document the entire business relationship." Create Documentation For example, if there is a discrepancy with your Comcast service, like they are charging you too much monthly for cable. You need to document every phone call. Keep a phone log and write down a summary for every call.  In the end, if you ever decide to report, sue, or confront Comcast, using documentation like your call log/ call history can be a very useful tool. Make a brief summary After you developed a wealth of documentation, write a summary of what your problem is.  You can include all...

13 Nov
Craig Feigin new post on LinkedIn about legal strategy.

As a business person, it is advantageous to have an arsenal of strategies to conduct yourself in the business world.  Individuals are faced with accounting, marketing, legal and an array of problems that develop.  Craig Feigin learned a few strategies in law school that are essential in everyday business...

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This is a top 10 news story coverage of Craig Feigin news. The following link can take you all the way there:   [vc_video link='']...

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31 Aug
Flip for quick turn or pass income Craig Feigin explains.

“The type of real estate investment that appeals to you,” expert advisor Craig Feigin tells us, “depends on the type of person you are.” Fortunately, real estate is a broad investment field with a wealth of opportunities for every personality type. Let’s look at a pair of opposite types, active / passive and quick turn / long haul. The active type wants to be very hands-on with his investments, and feels good when he is putting plenty of energy and even “sweat equity” into them. Many types of investments don’t allow for that kind of get-up-and-go. You can buy and sell stocks, but what else can you do with them? Not much. But many starter-investors have bought a small rental property, maybe just two or four units, that needed work, and turned that into a profit generator but acting as owner-manager-restorer-maintenance guy-you name it. This becomes a kind of (very serious) hobby, and you get out...

Craig Feigin
27 Aug
Craig Feigin bris in Florida August 2015

More Craig Feigin pictures are here: This video features the new additions to the Craig Feigin family at the Miami, Florida Feigin Bris in 2015. This all took place in August.  ...

25 Aug
Beginners luck. Girl catches drone on on Craig Feigin’s deep sea fishing trip.

  After a 30 minute boat ride into the middle of the ocean, the customers on the fishing party boat were given permission to drop their lines in the water. Someone brought their ditsy girlfriend who kept saying "I don't know what I am doing." Sure enough, on her first drop to the bottom she hooked into something big. After a long fight, and curious fisherman, you heard the crowd mumble, "What is it?". "It's a crab," "It's a toy," "It's a drone!" That bimbo hooked into a Drone. Probably wont happen again for another 100 years. Craig Feigin snapped a few pictures to be able to post them here.    ...

19 Aug
Craig Feigin Review 2015 Review ofCraig Feigin from Miami, Florida by Stephanie Perez. Perez came into money by her family and hoped to earn revenue from the interest from investing the lump sum.. Craig Feigin established secured loans and Perez earns well over 12% on her entire inheritance. She left this video message for other people to see explaining her experience and thanking Craig Feigin....