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Craig Feigin | NASA in the Future
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16 Aug NASA in the Future

In early decked of the 60, NASA was the most trusted space and research organizations in the world. They was did many research in about our space and send many space craft in the sapce. They also send many moon mission, Apollo missions are one of them. NASA have very expert team for the sapce research, they have most minded scientists and engineer in the world. But i think that, ” these hole activities of NASA is against of the Russian. Because the Russia is give very big competition in the space. Russian sapce agency was send first human in the sapce and send first satellite in the space. So the duration in the cold war USA was fillings very fear from the Russia. Well for this reson NASA was very active mode in the space research and they was work very hard and for this reson they was very success in the space research.

In the history of the NASA, i think they have two most memorable moment. First is the launching Hubble telescope and second in the making too  international space station in the space.

At the international sapce station, there are many sapce agency working with NASA like Japanese space agency, Canadian space agency and European sapce ageny. They are making furtur for our mankind, in the future we will  can go on the this space station and also lived just like astronauts.

But some are very bad moment is in the history of the NASA like accident of avenger space craft and colambian space craft. These moments was really embresing moment for the nasa and USA. But overall, NASA is the best organization for space research in the world till.

In early 2000, there saome privet space agency workings parallel with NASA like space X and vergin galatic. They are trying to be good competitor for nasa and they also colobrat with nasa. NASA is also used Sapce X  service for lucching pay load for IAS.

Well, NASA is workings at very big idea for the future. They is trying to send a human mission for the plannet mars, and also moon mission again for his very big  conten. They are trying to make very fast sapce vehicle for inter galactic  in cute,

Well i havecongregat to them for his best future. Well done guys you are the best in the word. I love them. Thank u veyr for our makin best word.

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