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Craig Feigin | Craig Feigin business strategies to negotiate from strength.
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Craig Feigin

21 Nov Craig Feigin business strategies to negotiate from strength.

In the business world, sometimes you are playing a game of chess. Not just against one opponent but multiple  games against many opponents.  In many situations, the strategy is about advancing your position with a series of smaller moves. “If there is a major company that is taking advantage of an individual”, says Craig Feigin, “you must document the entire business relationship.”

Create Documentation

For example, if there is a discrepancy with your Comcast service, like they are charging you too much monthly for cable. You need to document every phone call. Keep a phone log and write down a summary for every call.  In the end, if you ever decide to report, sue, or confront Comcast, using documentation like your call log/ call history can be a very useful tool.

Make a brief summary

After you developed a wealth of documentation, write a summary of what your problem is.  You can include all of the time you spend creating documentation. This shows any third party that you have shown good faith to resolve the issue directly with the company.

Take Action

Now it’s time to attack.  You can file a lawsuit very easily in Miami, Dade county by going to the proper court house and filing your lawsuit Pro Se (so you do not have to spend money on legal fees). You will most likely settle your dispute in mediation but be prepared to go to trial. You can also report the business to the Office of Inspector General or any governing agency that might take notice and send a threatening letter to the company.

Or simply email your documentation to a person in high position in the company, you can attach your intended lawsuit and see if they resolve the issue under threat of litigation.  Craig Feigin has  resolved many conflicts without needing to go to court just by showing that he was prepared to go.  This is called negotiating from strength.

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