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Craig Feigin | Brazil…!!! Olympic champion …. !!!
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21 Aug Brazil…!!! Olympic champion …. !!!

Brazil, a world big team, the greatest champion in the history of
football world championship FIFA, but this year is not the case, this year
takes place the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, which the five-time World not he
has had the good fortune to win the gold medal so precious for your team
and your country.

This year they are already in the final and finally ended the curse,
was the only prize he needed to win as team, and coincidentally, the final
play will be disputed with the selection of Germany, which was the
eliminated in semifinals of the world Cup Brazil 2014 with an unexpected
result (1-7).

This time they avoided losing to Germany in a very tight and even
match between the two oncenas, the final was played at Maracana Stadium in
Rio de Janeiro, where the clear star of the night was Neymar, leading by
the hand to the Brazilian selection a great and deserved victory.

Rising to his advantage the home team goal scored by Neymar 27
“minutes of the initial part mark, which was a great free throw,
introducing the ball right at the arc angle guarding the German goalkeeper,
who had no to look at passing the ball, while it entered the back of his

But the German team did not remain with folded arms, looking
surprisingly even the match in the second half, scoring the goal the player
Maximilian Meyer Germany captain oncena, leaving the Great Maracana in a
deafening silence; the two captains with their goals, sent the match to
extra time first and then decide the champion and gold medalist from the
penalty spot.

It was a batch of heart-stopping penalties, which scored the first
four goals each selection, and criminal fifth charged by the German was
blocked by the Brazilian goalkeeper Weverton, who guess the trajectory of
the ball, giving the possibility to its green selection AMARELA of placed
the gold medal only to fit the following penalty; which would be charged no
more and no less by the world football star and captain of Brazil Neymar
JR; marking it, the goal of victory, fooling the goalkeeper of the opposing
team with the ball’s trajectory.

This goal gave finally the selection of Brazil, its first gold at the
Olympics, a feat that until today had not.

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