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16 Aug NASA in the Future

In early decked of the 60, NASA was the most trusted space and research organizations in the world. They was did many research in about our space and send many space craft in the sapce. They also send many moon mission, Apollo missions are one of them. NASA have very expert team for the sapce research, they have most minded scientists and engineer in the world. But i think that, " these hole activities of NASA is against of the Russian. Because the Russia is give very big competition in the space. Russian sapce agency was send first human in the sapce and send first satellite in the space. So the duration in the cold war USA was fillings very fear from the Russia. Well for this reson NASA was very active mode in the space research and they was work very hard and for this reson they was very...

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15 Aug A Liberal Economist, My Hero

TAGS Paul Krugman, economics, U.S. politics   Paul Krugman is a Nobel laureate in economics. A big shot columnist in the New York Times. And he is my personal hero. I read him whenever I can – I try not to miss his columns – and what can I say – I just makes my day. By  now you may have surmised that I am a liberal. No the wishy-washy kind. Not the kind with a guilt complex about it. I am a liberal of the unabashed variety. One who wears his liberalism on its sleeve. And proud of it. And willing to argue that liberalism is as American as apple pie. Throughout its history, its liberal streak is what has made America humane, kinder. From emancipation of slaves to social security, from medicare to Pell grants for students, liberalism is what has smoothened the rough, ugly edge of capitalism. That’s why it’s so wonderful to read...

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15 Aug Learning from the Global Polio Eradication Initiative

Thirty years. It’s been a long time coming, but another milestone is in sight. We’re trying to commit a global act of extinction in order to preserve the lives of millions. Because way back in 1988 a nasty little disease called Polio was claiming a third of a million victims a year, and now it’s virtually eradicated. There has been a cooperative effort spanning over two hundred countries and literally tens to hundreds of millions of people, over the whole face of our planet. Like smallpox before it, polio is feeling the hand of oblivion feeling its collar. We aren’t perfect, us humans. There are some who have passed laws against vaccination against any disease, and polio is still out there in the wild but we have two things going for us. Firstly, it’s not resilient unless it has a host. Transferred from the bowel of a carrier to the next victim, babies...

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