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Craig Feigin | commentary / summary / your thoughts on recent news event.
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21 Aug commentary / summary / your thoughts on recent news event.

The blog (redirected to has a collection of articles involving Content
Creation, Website Development, Internet Marketing, Financial Advisory,
Direct Selling, Learning/Career, Creative Writing. What the owner Rajeev
Bagra is trying to do is establishing a business house providing services
related with the likes of Content Writing, Website Design, SEO while also
coming out with a blog that has a number of unique, interesting,
informative articles.

For instance, consider synergy of Splendid Digital Solutions with Broker
Associates (, a real estate consultant based
out of Burdwan, West Bengal. Entire online section for Broker Associates
(owner Shyama Prasad Ghar) is managed by Splendid Digital Solutions
starting with Google My Business
listing, Facebook business page
<> to website ( and property listing on real estate
websites like <>, QuikrHomes
The result is owner has ample time to focus on his core business of having
an appointment with prospects and show them the property one-on-one with
the leads generated through online activities pursued by Splendid Digital

With a growing client base of Splendid Digital Solutions in Burdwan
district, Broker Associates finds a number of leads directly from
word-of-mouth reference from Splendid Digital’s Rajeev Bagra. What is true
for Broker Associates is also relevant for a number of other SMEs including
Bhatia Service (, Mondal Enterprise (, TNS Securities (

Additional services by Splendid Digital Solutions like preparing visiting
cards fit seamlessly with its overall work of maintaining a digital profile
of their clients. For instance, Splendid Digital Solutions also delivers
business cards (

to Mondal Enterprise. What makes the proposal of delivering business cards
to client Mondal Enterprise compelling is without the permission of Mondal
Enterprise, a business card is already drafted and posted to Mondal
Enterprise’s website, Facebook business page as part of managing its online
section by Splendid Digital Solutions. Now, a proposal is made to owner of
Mondal Enterprise if he would like to have a business card printed of the
jpeg file already prepared with business card dimension of 3.5 x 2 inches.
Most of the time, clients find the proposal compelling as the business card
would fit well with their online presentation of profile in website and
other social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin…).

Articles like Direct plan in mutual fund: Time for distributors to adapt by
leveraging content sharing and adding new services
are exhaustive and may expand into full-fledged webpage on their own like
webpage for the article under discussion (
transforming into a place where one can find all the relevant information
related with mutual fund (name of top mutual fund service providers in
India, learning resource related with mutual fund). This is something left
as part of future work strategy for Splendid Digital Solutions.

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