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Craig Feigin | Always completely crush your enemy..
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15 Dec Always completely crush your enemy..

When you have someone who opposes you or attacks you. You must make the decision to engage or not engage.  However, if you chose to move forward with the attack, you must completely destroy your enemy.  If you leave even small amber burning, you leave the potential for your enemy to once again become a forest fire. In business, you can attack to the point where you force your enemy to settle and sign a settlement agreement. In this contract you can write and outline that there can be no more attacks from the opposing party (different words of course).

If you are an athlete with a competitor, you must win the competition in a way that you undeniably are the better athlete. Sometimes it takes getting into the head of your opponent. Simply by talking to your enemy relentlessly you will enter his mind and wrap around his thoughts. This will be enough to take him off his game until he cannot perform the same way.

Always put pressure on your enemy. People just do not perform well under pressure  and the more you advance and the quicker you advance the more your enemy will make mistakes.  Always pressure your enemy to make a mistake.  And rapidly, loudly, suddenly, and swiftly, capitalize on this mistake.

Game over.

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