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Craig Feigin

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27 May
Craig Feigin in park

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Craig Feigin
05 Apr
Craig Feigin taking boat out

Craig Feigin boating in March going out to fish some snapper.  Big fishing outside Haulover cut, ended up catching the tail end of a mackerel run. [caption id="attachment_15530" align="alignnone" width="300"] Craig Feigin[/caption]...

Always completely crush your enemy..

When you have someone who opposes you or attacks you. You must make the decision to engage or not engage.  However, if you chose to move forward with the attack, you must completely destroy your enemy.  If you leave even small amber burning, you leave the potential for your enemy to once again become a forest fire. In business, you can attack to the point where you force your enemy to settle and sign a settlement agreement. In this contract you can write and outline that there can be no more attacks from the opposing party (different words of course). If you are an athlete with a competitor, you must win the competition in a way that you undeniably are the better athlete. Sometimes it takes getting into the head of your opponent. Simply by talking to your enemy relentlessly you will enter his mind and wrap around his thoughts. This...

discontinue penny
23 Nov
It’s Official: Obama executive order discontinue Penny.

  Could is be relating to the John Oliver HBO episode of "Last Week Tonight" on Sunday. President Obama with yet another executive order made a change that will effect us as early as January 2016 - no more penny. So how will they calculate sales tax on small items and such? "Well, most people use their credit cards anyway," says Oliver. Think about it, if you found a penny on the floor, what are the odds you are going to pick it up? Does this actually make the penny increase in value?  Now that there are a limited amount of pennies on the planet, they should in theory be worth more than a penny.    ...

Craig Feigin
21 Nov
Craig Feigin business strategies to negotiate from strength.

In the business world, sometimes you are playing a game of chess. Not just against one opponent but multiple  games against many opponents.  In many situations, the strategy is about advancing your position with a series of smaller moves. "If there is a major company that is taking advantage of an individual", says Craig Feigin, "you must document the entire business relationship." Create Documentation For example, if there is a discrepancy with your Comcast service, like they are charging you too much monthly for cable. You need to document every phone call. Keep a phone log and write down a summary for every call.  In the end, if you ever decide to report, sue, or confront Comcast, using documentation like your call log/ call history can be a very useful tool. Make a brief summary After you developed a wealth of documentation, write a summary of what your problem is.  You can include all...

13 Nov
Craig Feigin new post on LinkedIn about legal strategy.

As a business person, it is advantageous to have an arsenal of strategies to conduct yourself in the business world.  Individuals are faced with accounting, marketing, legal and an array of problems that develop.  Craig Feigin learned a few strategies in law school that are essential in everyday business...