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Fundamental or basic necessities of life, one of them, “EDUCATION”

  In the 20th century, following the basic necessities of life were considered. |   bread cloth House     But in modern life in these two names have joined the basic necessities   Education Treatment   In my view, education is an area which is linked on other basic necessities The life of a person without education is like darkness   Education is the only way it could reach its destination at which the person on the go And is well known to all of us in the world today, in the era of the three is the destination of all people   Nice houses good food And good ensemble   Education is an important medium of acquiring skills and knowledge. ...

Is Donald Trump “Brexit” for America?

Wayne Allyn Root at Fox News thinks he might be: He argues that there is an elite political class which is panicking about the possibility of President Trump because he will end their corruption, stop them “feeding at the public trough” and bring about a new era of justice for the common man as fraud, greed and bribery get exposed. Hillary Clinton, he believes, should wear a NASCAR-type sponsor jacket as she is bought and paid for, while Trump’s financial independence will enable him to lead America towards independence from every troubling influence. So what is the parallel with Brexit, Britain’s forthcoming exit from the European Union? Root points out the similar opposition to it from the UK’s establishment, similar levels of experts warning against Brexit, and a similar, large undercurrent of popular support for it nevertheless. Something Root has not stated clearly but implies under the catch-all term of “politically incorrect” are...

NASA in the Future

In early decked of the 60, NASA was the most trusted space and research organizations in the world. They was did many research in about our space and send many space craft in the sapce. They also send many moon mission, Apollo missions are one of them. NASA have very expert team for the sapce research, they have most minded scientists and engineer in the world. But i think that, " these hole activities of NASA is against of the Russian. Because the Russia is give very big competition in the space. Russian sapce agency was send first human in the sapce and send first satellite in the space. So the duration in the cold war USA was fillings very fear from the Russia. Well for this reson NASA was very active mode in the space research and they was work very hard and for this reson they was very...